Administrator - 08/22/14

New Student Agendas!

Choose from our three new designs for the new school year! Order now while supplies last!

Administrator - 07/30/14

Check out our new Book kits

Choose between two of our ready-to-use Book Kits. Perfect for lively, literature-based learning!

Administrator - 05/15/14

Download a demo of our Read-A-Long Interactive

Taken from our Grandfather Grandmother series, each book is read to you as you follow-a-long with the story. Ten seperate stories are read in either English or Ojibwe. Read through our Dreamcatcher book in both English and Ojibwe in this demo.
Click here to download

Administrator - 04/10/14

New stuffed Seven Teachings animal with audio!

Each of the stuffed animals come with a voice box. Squeeze the animal to listen to it's teaching and it's name in both Ojibwe and English. Each set comes with all Seven animals.

Administrator - 02/10/14

New Posters

Check out some of our recently added posters.

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