Administrator - 03/18/15

Seven Teachings Poster Sets

We've recently added new Seven Teaching Poster Sets.

Administrator - 03/18/15

New Giant Classroom Decorations

We've added two new Giant Classroom Decorations to our catalogue. These Giant Decorations will not only make your room the talk of the school but your students will love the exciting designs as well as make their imaginations soar.

Administrator - 03/03/15

Medicine Wheel Interactive Demo

You can now download and play a demo of our Medicine Wheel Interactive.

Administrator - 01/16/15

New Clothing

We've just added a new selection of Snap Back Hats and Scarves to our catalogue.

Administrator - 12/29/14

New Medicine Wheel Poster Set

There are many different aspects of the medicine wheel, and this poster set shows that there is more to the medicine wheel than just the four colors. Click here to view.

Set comes with five 12" x 18" die-cut posters.

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