Administrator - 04/10/14

New stuffed Seven Teachings animal with audio!

Each of the stuffed animals come with a voice box. Squeeze the animal to listen to it's teaching and it's name in both Ojibwe and English. Each set comes with all Seven animals.

Administrator - 02/10/14

New Posters

Check out some of our recently added posters.

Administrator - 01/16/14

Page-a-day calendar sale

Our 2014 Daily Calendar are on sale. Save over 40% now!

Administrator - 01/08/14

New iPhone cases!

Hand crafted iphone 4 and 5 cases are now available. Each case has a different pattern made with rhinestone. You can check out all 4 cases here.

Administrator - 12/24/13

Happy Holidays!

Wishing you a beautiful holiday season and a new year of peace and joy.

The Native Reflections staff

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